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Dedicated Welfare and Benefit Advice for Radius Tenants

Radius Housing has two dedicated in-house Welfare Advice Officers who engage with our tenants on a daily basis.They provide advice, guidance, information and advocacy on all aspects of benefit entitlement.

Our advisers:

  • Take time to explain benefits to our tenants tailoring advice to suit individual circumstances
  • Check benefit entitlement ensuring tenants receive their full entitlements
  • Maximise income via benefit application, grant and charitable assistance
  • Assist tenants with UC, explaining the process and what is expected of them throughout their claim; ensuring they are aware of possible consequences and sanctions – along with how to challenge decisions
  • Assist tenants to challenge benefit decisions, overpayments and represent at Appeal
  • Assist with budgeting, offering one 2 one budgeting sessions
Welfare Advice