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Radius Housing

Providing homes, support and care. Building neighbourhoods and empowering communities.

About Radius Housing

Radius provides housing, care and support to over 33,000 homes. We are a social enterprise employing over 1,000 people and managing 12,500 properties in 80 towns across Northern Ireland.

Radius has a social housing presence in all 11 council areas, serviced by a regional office networking spanning Belfast, Holywood, Ballymena, Newry and Derry/Londonderry

About Radius Housing

Radius Fact File

Providing housing, care and support to 33,000 homes

Managing 12,500 apartments and houses

Located in 80 towns across Northern Ireland

Connect 24 supporting 21,000 customers

11,000 day care placements

450 Staying Put home adaptions completed each year

Over 1,000 staff employed in housing, care and support

Spending £66m per annum on development and maintenance

Radius Housing was established in 2017 following merger and draws on over 80 years’ combined experience to make a positive impact on housing and communities into the future.

About Radius Housing

Our Values

Our values support our mission and provide focus for the work that we do:

Maintain focus and trust: We will be trusted by our customers and business partners through us delivering on our promises while enhancing our core offering.

Passionate about doing more: We are proud of our dedicated housing and health professionals, making the most of our resources, demonstrating VFM and committed to growth.

Together realising great ideas: We will expand our offering, embrace new technologies and working practices, through innovative partnerships in and outside of Radius.

About Radius Housing

Board Members

Senior Management Team