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Housing for Over 55s

Radius is the largest Northern Ireland provider of specifically designed apartments or bungalows for older people and couples.

Our services have been developed to meet the housing and support needs of older people. They are designed to promote quality of life and to help older people maintain an independent lifestyle in an environment that breaks down barriers of social isolation and promotes overall well-being. A key objective of this service is to actively encourage residents to maintain their independence.

Each of our schemes has a Scheme Coordinator. The Scheme Coordinator's primary role is to provide person-centred housing support to each resident in a way that respects their dignity and confidentiality while promoting independent living.

To achieve our objective of providing a safe, environment for independent living, each property is fitted with an emergency, 24-hour Connect 24 call system. When triggered, this alerts either scheme-based staff or Connect 24 call advisors who will respond and provide assistance.

We encourage residents to participate in the broad range of social activities within their scheme and also in the wider community through organised events and activities.

Each resident undertakes a support needs assessment with the Scheme Coorindator to help develop an individual support plan. The support plan is reviewed on a regular basis and can be updated at any time depending on the resident's changing needs.

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