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Case Studies

Ligoneil Community Chest Case Study

Community Engagement

Ligoniel Improvement Association applied for a grant to help cover the costs of food and drink for 24 children from cross community areas in North Belfast for two weeks while they traveled to Durban, South Africa where they volunteered their time by directly working with young people living with HIV and Aids. While there they worked on a larger project to help refurbish an addiction centre.  This project helped foster community cohesion with cross community work between children and family members who helped to organise and fundraise for this trip.  This area of North Belfast would have been known as having high levels of anti-social behaviour, and the trip helped build and improve the self esteem and reputation of youth from the area.  The trip gave the children the opportunity of a lifetime and enhanced their wellbeing, confidence and social skills. This project meets the outcomes of five Community Chest themes: Working for community change, reducing anti–social behaviour in project area, developing participants pride in where they live, and enhancing participant’s wellbeing, confidence and social skills, promoting inclusion within communities.

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